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White Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsWhite Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
White Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Black Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsBlack Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Black Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Beige Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsBeige Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Beige Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Coffee bean Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsCoffee bean Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Coffee bean Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Dark Rose Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsDark Rose Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Dark Rose Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Rust Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsRust Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Rust Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Jamun Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsJamun Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Jamun Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Mehendi Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsMehendi Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Mehendi Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Light Grey Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsLight Grey Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Light Grey Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Caramel Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsCaramel Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Caramel Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Lavender Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsLavender Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Lavender Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Pearl Blue Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsPearl Blue Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Pearl Blue Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Grape Shake Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsGrape Shake Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Grape Shake Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Wine Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsWine Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Wine Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Teal Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsTeal Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Teal Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Light Pink Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsLight Pink Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Light Pink Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Navy Blue Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsNavy Blue Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Navy Blue Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Olive Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsOlive Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Olive Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
London Forest Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsLondon Forest Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
London Forest Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Charcoal Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsCharcoal Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Charcoal Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Lovely Lavender Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsLovely Lavender Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Lovely Lavender Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Tomato Red Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsTomato Red Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Tomato Red Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00
Cairo Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pantsCairo Cigarette Pencil Pants -Milano cigarette pencil pants
Cairo Cigarette Pencil Pants
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,699.00

Cigarette Pencil Pants.

A Detailed Guide 2024

In the world of fashion which is an ever-evolving place one style that stands against the time as a rock and continues to make waves is the cigarette pants. Most of the time cigarette pants are also referred as "cigarette pencil pants" and "straight fit". These smooth-form-fitting trousers are a must-have in every fashion-conscious individual wardrobe. We will explore everything you need to know about cigarette pants in this comprehensive guide.
Straight pants

What are cigarette pants?

In simple words, cigarette pants are slim-fitting trousers that are designed to closely follow the contours (near the ankle) of your legs. They usually have a narrow leg opening creating a streamlined and elongated look. The high waist and tailored fit make them the best choice on many occasions, which is why these pants are famous all around the world.
Straight pant history

History of cigarette pants

To know the true value of cigarette pants you must delve into their rich history. This famous trouser has passed through a fascinating evolution since its beginning in the mid-20th century.

Let's start from the beginning, In the history of straight pants the year the 1950s is known as the origin year of cigarette pants. During this time wanted to break away from the boxy, conservative styles of the boxy and conservative styles of the past. In this process, they introduced the world to a sleek and sophisticated alternative, none other than straight pants.
During those times cigarette pants had characteristics like high-waisted design, tailored fit, and narrow leg opening. these pants are characterized by their snug fit and streamlined silhouette. They were like the opposite options for popular wide-legged and loose-fitting trouser of that time. Some celebrities like Audrey Hepburns iconic look in "Roman Holiday" and "Breakfast at Tiffany's" concrete straight pants status as an fashion statement.

The 1960s brought a new wave of change in culture and fashion experimentation. Cigarette pencil pants continued to capture the imagination of fashion-oriented individuals with a touch of rebellion to their grace. Bold prints and patterns, unconventional colors, and pairing pants with mode style apparel were some characteristics during that time. These types of characteristics shifts in style which reflected the free-spirit and rebellious attitude. These are known for their effortlessly chic look. Famous personalities Twiggy and Mary quant embrace the cigarette pencil pants.
Disco fever and a whole new interpretation of straight pants were brought during the 1970s. This era saw the pants take on a glamorous persona, that is perfectly suited for dance floors. These 70s cigarette pants generally featured attention-grabbing fabric like satin and lurex, high waisted design remained but leg opening widened into flares with a combination of classic style with disco aesthetic mostly weared with halter tops and platform shoes. Famous disco stars like Donna Summer and Diana Ross showcased the glamour of cigarette pants on stage.

At the forefront of fashion, cigarette pants made a successful return in the 21st century. Their continued popularity has been ensured by the ability to effortlessly transition from casual to formal. Modern cigarette pencil pants come in various fabric options including sustainable and eco-friendly materials, reflecting environmental awareness. The slim fit reminiscent of the 1950s remains a hallmark of the design. In the present day, these pants can be styled in numerous ways making them a versatile choice for fashion enthusiasts.
Straight pants buying tips

Things to remember before purchasing cigarette pencil pants

It is essential to be well-prepared for everything, and straight-fit pants are no exception. These stylish trousers can elevate your wardrobe but it all depends on what kind of choices you make, here are some crucial factors to keep in mind before making a purchase :

1. Fit is Key -

The fit is critical especially when it comes to cigarette pants. The biggest reason behind the criticalness of size in cigarette pants is hidden in its structure, These pants are designed to be snug, but not overly tight. Be sure that pants must sit comfortably around your waist and hips without feeling restrictive, without much wrinkling or pulling the pants leg should follow your contours closely. At Mlada, our Merchandiser and Sample team is dedicated to making the best fitting for you.

2. Sizing Variations -

Selecting size is very subjective, for some individuals, it is easy forward on the other hand some people end up messed up. Don't hesitate to try on a few sizes to find the best fit for your body shape. if you are shopping online, refer to the brand's size chart and talk to customer service of the brand. Some brands like Mlada, who offers wide range of sizes from XS to 9XL (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL, 8XL, 9XL).

3. Fabric Quality Matters -

Comfort and appearance are both very much on the fabric of straight pants. High-quality materials are not only good against your skin but also cover more elegantly. Some fabrics are good in one thing and some are in another for example wool is ideal for cooler months and warmth, cotton is breathable and suitable for warmer weather, and stretch blends are often preferred for flexibility. At Mlada, we make our cigarette pencil pants with high-quality Milano fabric which has characteristics of comfort, stretchability, and friendly for all seasons.

4. Occasion Matters -

Consider where and when you plan to wear it before purchasing cigarette pants. For example, darker colors like black, navy, or charcoal are the best choices for formal events, while for casual outings lighter hues and vibrant colors can add a playful touch to your everyday look. Remember these pants are versatile which makes them suitable for many things but style and color should align with the occasion. At Mlada, we have 23 famous colors with different styles of cigarette pants available.

5. Length Matters -

This factor might look like a similar issue as a sizing problem but believe me it's not the same because the length of your cigarette pants can significantly impact their overall look. An ideal pair of pants should reach your ankles without gathering or folding together in small. If case pants are too long, it will create a sloppy look on the other hand if it is too short, it can disrupt the elegant silhouette. So always go for the perfect length. At Mlada, we make our pants with the best tailors in Ludhiana (Manchester of India) who are dedicated to tailoring the perfect length for you.

6. Rise and Waistband -

Cigarette pencil pants typically have a high or mid-rise design. Consider your style preferences and comfort when you are choosing between these two. Mid-rise options offer a more relaxed fit while high-rise pants can provide additional tummy control which creates the illusion of longer legs. At Mlada, we highly focus on waistbands because it enhance comfort and prevent digging or pinching.

7. Brand and Quality -

Always remember not all cigarette pants are created with equal quality. Take time to look brand's reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. Brands give high-quality products with genuine prices and you can see the brand has good satisfaction through reviews which means the brand can satisfy your needs. At Mlada, our customer speaks for us through reviews because we give the highest quality product at a genuine price.

8. Care Instructions -

Till now you have read the importance of fit, fabric quality, length matter, and brand quality Now we will talk about slightly different much depend on you. Its care instructions, Always remember different fabric requires different care. So consider the care labels on the pants to make sure that you can maintain them properly. As I said earlier some may require dry cleaning, while others can be machine washed. At Mlada, our pants require normal washing which saves your maintenance costs.

9. Customer Reviews -

I gave this sneak peek of these factors earlier but customer reviews are much more important. At present time most people buy products online from online stores like . So it's important to take a look at customer reviews because there are high chance that other shoppers' experiences can be valuable in making an informed decision.
Straight pants types

Types of straight pants

Cigarette pants are a versatile kind of product course, not a one-size-fits-all fashion item. To be suitable for diverse preferences and occasions cigarette pencil pants come in a wide range of styles. So now we are going to explore various types of straight pants.

1. Classic tailored straight pants -

As the name suggests these pants are famous for their classical look. A high waist and a slim, straight leg that tapers down to the ankle are features of these pants. The best occasions to wear these pants are business meetings, formal, or when you want to achieve a polished, sophisticated look because of its simplicity. When it comes to what to wear with it consider a crisp white blouse and heels for a quintessential, office-ready ensemble.

2. Cropped straight pants -

If your preference is above ankle length then cropped cigarette pants are pants for you. This style adds a touch of casual flair to the classic silhouette. The biggest thing that makes them a must-have part of your wardrobe is their variableness because they look well in both formal and casual settings. To create a relaxed yet stylish look, pair cropped cigarette pants with a tucked-in graphic tee and sneakers.

3. High-waisted straight pants -

High-waisted are those pants designed in a way to sit above the natural waistline. This style creates a look of stretched legs and also gives a cinched waistline and a flattering look. For a vintage-inspired and hourglass look waisted pants are the go-to choice. Choose for a tucked-in blouse or a fitted top to highlight the waistline when wearing high-waisted cigarette pants.

4. Printed and textured cigarette pants -

Want a bold look with the intention to make a fashion statement then no look further than printed and textured cigarette pants. These pants help us to show our uniqueness just like custom jerseys and t-shirts. The main features of these pants are eye-catching patterns and textures that add an element of flair outfit. When you are choosing other outfits then solid colored tops and neutral accessories work well.

5. Leather or faux leather cigarette pencil pants -

Edgy and rebellious vibe with a mixture of classic style that's all today's youth need and Leather or Faux Leather pants promise this look. It's perfect for youth because it's best for those who want to stand out and make bold fashion statement. These pants are also an example of versatile pants. Pair it with a tailored blazer for a stylish, confident look that is best for a night out.

6. Cargo-style cigarette pants -

Cargo pants are a mixture of cigarette pants and cargo pants which gives it polishment and cargo pants functionality. They give a more relaxed fit than other mentioned pants and generally feature additional pockets. If you are inspired by utility without sacrificing style then this pant is for you. You can wear it with a tucked-in utility blouse and combat boots.

7. Side-stripe cigarette pants -

We talked about classy, edgy, bold, and vintage style but what about sporty or athletic wear, here comes side stripe cigarette pants. This style adds a sporty touch to the classic silhouette at the same time maintaining class. For a modern and athletic-inspired look its best. A sleek bodysuit and fashion sneakers are good choices to wear with it for a sporty look.

8. Ruffle or flare hem cigarette pencil pants -

Ruffle or flare hem cigarette pants give a unique twist on the traditional design. These pants are highly famous for their flared hems that add a touch of femininity and playfulness to the look. Fitted tops are best choice to wear with it.
Straight pant styling tips

What to wear with cigarette pencil pants

As most of you know in the fashion world pairing sense keep you two step ahead of the world. But the mastering the skill of pairing is not as simple as it seems. Pencil pants are versatile which makes selecting pairing options more difficult. Don't get hopeless because at this point we are going to talk about which right tops, shoes and accessories can take your fashion game to the next level :

1. Classic Blouses and Shirts -

Inserting a classic blouse or shirt into your cigarette pants will provide you with a sophisticated look. To get enhancements in the pant's sleek silhouette choose a blouse with clean lines and minimalistic details. This pairing is best for formal events, and offices. You can add other accessories like a belt to cinch your waist and complete the polished look, loafers are excellent for footwear

2. Blazers for a Power Look -

Well-fitted blazers are a great choice to create the best professional appearance. Opt for a matching blazer pants combo for a classic or experiment with contrasting colors and texture for more good appeal. Other accessories like a necklace or pair of elegant earrings are good choices to make a statement, for foot use pointed-toe heels.

3. Crop tops for a modern twist -

For a modern and a little bit more casual look than a pair, you should pants with a crop top. Crop tops are available in the market in many different styles from simple knits to dressiers which make them the best choice for different occasion. You can choose other accessories like a jacket or blazer and high heels and ankle strap sandals These pairing is good for both night or daytime looks.

4. Sweaters and Cardigans -

Warm sweaters or cardigans are a good choice for a more relaxed feel during colder seasons. Specifically, consider a slightly oversized knit or fitted turtleneck according to your likes and dislikes. Add accessories like a chunky belt to keep your feet warm and stylish ankle boots or knee-high boots with socks are the best choices. For comfort and sophistication don't look further than this sweater and cardigan.

5. Statement Tops -

You can make a bold fashion statement by pairing your straight pants with statement tops The main features of these tops are unique cuts, dramatic sleeves, or eye-catching details that make your outfits different from others. Minimalistic accessories play well with these statement tops. This combination is most considerable for special events where you want to stand out and make an impression.

6. Casual Tees and Sneakers -

Being cool matters the most these times and the hard thing is it takes effort, but there comes casual tees and sneakers which you can pair with cigarette pants to create your look effortlessly cool. Specificaly for a neater look tuck it in or leave it untucked for a relaxed look. Jewelries like hoop earrings or complex necklaces add the look of sophistication. You can also consider a crossbody bag. These combinations are best for casual outings.

7. Bold Accessories -

In all of the previous points, we advised you to add different accessories according to the bottom, tops, and shoes. The importance of accessories can't be described in one paragraph because this topic needs a whole blog. But for now, remember, accessories elevate your cigarette pants in the best way possible. There are uncountable products that you can wear as accessories. This approach is excellent when you want to add various personalities into your outfits.
Straight pant advantages

Advantages of cigarette pants

Cigarette pants have stood in the world of fashion as fashion essential because of the many advantages they offer to the individual who wears them. That's the biggest reason why these sleek and tailored trousers have stood against the test of time unbreakable. So let's know those advantages that make these pants so worth it.

1. Timeless Style -

The first and most valuable advantage of cigarette pants is their timeless style means these pants are not bound by any time limit just like many other trendy fashion that fades their trendiness as time moves further. From the start of the 1950s, these fashions consistently remained symbols of sophistication and grace. Its variety saltiness allows you to wear it whether you are dressing for a formal occasion or need a polished everyday look, cigarette pencil pants are the answer.

2. Versatility -

In the previous point, you got a sneak peak of versatile ability. Let's talk about it more briefly. Cigarette pencil pants smoothly transition from day to night without any effort these pants adapt to different settings and occasions. It does not matter whether you are going to the office, a social event, or for a casual place these pants are the best choice for you.

3. Flattering Fit -

Cigarette pants are designed in a way to gives you an elongated appearance and a slimming silhouette vibe. The narrow leg opening highlights the legs on the other hand high high-waisted design cinches the waists. This flattering fit beautifies a wide range of body type also enhance your overall look.

4. Easy to Style -

We all love as many outcomes as possible with less effort, and cigarette pants offer exactly what we want. Styling these pants with other clothes and accessories is effortless. They pair smoothly with various tops, from blouses and blazers to casual tees and crop tops, etc. This makes them the dependable choice for everyday wear allowing you to experiment with different looks.

5. Minimalist Aesthetic -

The clean and polished appearance of cigarette pants plays a vital role in their popularity, which is course an advantage factor for these pants. Its simplicity allows you to personalize your outfit according to your want which makes it both an understated and statement look.

6. Lengthening Effect -

Cigarette pants have the advantage of very unique kind of effect which is called the leg-lengthening effect that can help you to appear taller and leaner. This feature is very attractive for those who want to enhance their stature without using high heels.

7. Comfortable Wear -

It is generally considered by most people that tailored appearances are less comfortable but cigarette pants change the narrative all around the world by giving uncomfortable comfort with tailored appearance. Many recent variations combine stretchy materials that offer ease of movement while maintaining their sleek shape.

8. Seasonal Adaptability -

Cigarette pencil pants are all-rounder, it are suitable for year-round wear. These pants are made from different materials which make them adaptable to various seasons. For example, lightweight fabrics are excellent for warm weather on the other side woolen options provide warmness in colder months. 

9. Confidence Booster -

Believe me, there is nothing exaggerated when I say cigarette pants can boost your confidence. These flattering fit and timeless appeal are the main reasons behind it. We all know that when we look and feel good in our confidence. It's easier to show self-confident in any situation, whether it's a professional presentation or a social gathering. 

10. Wardrobe Investment -

Come on who doesn't like clothes that serve for a long time, Cigarette pants can dividends over time. These pants are designed to withstand trends and wear, which makes them a lasting addition to your wardrobe. But remember proper care is needed for long-lasting results.

Straight pant fabrics

Fabric used in cigarette pencil pants

All the features cigarette pants have directly or indirectly depend on fabrics. Different fabrics not only affect the overall look and feel of the pants but also their for different occasions and seasons. So let's go explore some common fabrics used in making these stylish trousers:

1. Milano -

Milano fabrics are the best type of stretchable fabrics that are used in quality-oriented cigarette pants. It is typically made of cotton polyester and elastane which gives it properties like comfortable and flattering fit. Milano-made cigarette pants are suitable for any kind of season. These are also known for their durability, stretchability, and wrinkle resistance. At Mlada, we proudly make our cigarette pants with Milano fabric because of its higher properties than other fabrics.

2. Wool -

As it is made from wool fabrics, these wollen cigarette pants are the prime choice for fall and winter. The fabric's naturally warming properties keep you warm while maintaining the pant's elegant silhouette.

3. Cotton -

Offering breathability and comfort while suitable for warmer seasons, these features remind us of none other than cotton. It keeps you cool by absorbing moisture. It also helps prevent discomfort during extended wear and allows your skin to breathe.

4. Stretch Blends -

Because of JEGGING's popularity, many pants incorporate stretchability and cigarette pants are one of them. Many modern cigarette pants prefer stretch blends over other fabrics to get stretchability. These blends include elastane or spandex, providing a comfortable level of stretch and flexibility. Ease of movement without compromising the pants' sleek shape is one feature of its.

5. Polyester and Blends -

In case you want high durability and crease resistance properties then you should choose polyester and blend fabrics. It is most preferred by travelers and for busy lifestyles peoples because these fabric maintain their shape and appearance even after extended wear.

6. Satin and Silk -

So here comes the options for those who seek a touch of luxury rather than satin and silk cigarettes waiting for you. These fabrics create a glossy finish that adds lavishness to your outfits. These fabric pants are made for formal events and special occasions.

7. Linen -

Linen fabric cigarette pants are breathable and lightweight which makes them a prime choice for warm weather. It's a kind of green flag for casual chic looks mainly during the summertime. It also adds a relaxed, effortless charm to your outfits.

8. Velvet -

Velvet cigarette pants give a rich and textured appearance. Glamourness is part of this fabric which makes it suitable for evening events and festivals.

9. Leather or Faux Leather -

Leather and faux leather cigarette pants bring an edgy and rebellious vibe to this classic style. To make a bold statement this is the perfect fabric choice. These also can be dressed up or down which makes them versatile for various occasions.

Latest trends in straight pants 2024

Latest trends in cigarette pencil pants 2024

No fashion apparel has not evolved because fashion is a constantly evolving realm. As we are in 2023 let's see the latest trends that are recreating the world of cigarette pants:

1. Sustainable Materials -

These times if have to choose one thing which is drive forcing in the fashion industry then I will say sustainable fashion without any second thought. It's buzzing the fashion world. There are many companies like Mlada working on sustainable cigarette pants by using organic cotton recycled fabrics and environment-friendly production methods. So be ready to see further changes regarding sustainable pants.

2. Bold Colors -

2023 brings a burst of colors to cigarette pants while old classic shades like black, navy, and gray remain timeless. Designers all around the world experimenting with vibrant and unconventional colors, which allows you to show your personality through your pants with the help of a wide range of colors. At Mlada you have 23 trending bold and classic colors available, here is the list White, Black, Beige, Coffeebean, Darkrose, Rust, Jamun, Mehendi, Lightgrey, Caramel, Lavender, Pearlblue, Grape, Wine, Teal, Lightpink, Navy, Olive, Londonforest, Charcoal, Lovelylavender, Tomatored, and Cairo

3. Mixed Textures -

Cross your fingers and expect to see cigratte pants with mixed texture which creates visual interest and tactile appeal. Maybe we can see velvet, satin, and leather combined in a single pair of pants which adds depth and uniqueness to your outfit.

4. Embellishments -

More good news to the glamour, embellished pants seekers, 2023 making the wave of these types of pants especially in cigarette types of pants. From complex embroidery to shimmering and beading these pants offer a dazzling twist on the classic style.

5. Unique Hemlines -

Designers are exploring new hemlines for cigarette pants during 2023. There are lot of potential to make these cigarette pants more unique and add variations.

Mlada straight pants

Buy most comfortable cigarette pants from Mlada

When the task is to find the most comfortable cigarette pants thaseamlessly blend style and ease then no look further than Mlada. As a brand, we are committed to evaluating women's bottom wear. Our biggest pride is in offering a lovely range of cigarette pants, jeggings, bootcut flare pants, and extra flare pants that are created while keeping in mind to your unique style and preferences.

Why choose Mlada -

Our Cigarette pants are made from high-quality Milano fabric which sets them unbeaten in terms of durability and a luxurious feel. At Mlada, Our most important goal is to prioritize your comfort without compromising on style. With every pair of Mlada jeggings, you are not just investing in a garment you are receiving with open arms a lifestyle that marries comfort and fashion effortlessly. So what you are waiting for, Explore our collection today and experience the unparalled comfort and style that makes Mlada the best Cigarette pant brand of choice.