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White Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pantsWhite Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pants
Black Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pantsBlack Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pants
Coffee Bean Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pantsCoffee Bean Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pants
Dark Rose Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pantsDark Rose Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pants
Rust Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pantsRust Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pants
Mehendi Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pantsMehendi Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pants
Jamun Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pantsJamun Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pants
Light Grey Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pantsLight Grey Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pants
Charcoal Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pantsCharcoal Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pants
Caramel Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pantsCaramel Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pants
Teal Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pantsTeal Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pants
Wine Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pantsWine Bootcut Flare Pants -Milano bootcut flare pants

Flare Pants for Women

Women Bootcut Flare Pant - A Definitive Guide 2024

flare pants for women

Ever thought about these lifeless flare pants have completed how much long journey to reach that level where they became the first choice for many women in the fashion world? In the ever-evolving world of fashion, some trends manage to overcome time, and flare pants undeniably stand as one of those eternal styles.

These iconic bottoms have not only weathered the storm of changing fashion but have boldly declared their presence from the modest beginning to becoming a mandatory fashion statement. In this blog we will enjoy a fascinating journey through the rich history and evolution of flare pants, exploring their meteoric rise to fame in the world of fashion.

Table of Content - 

1. What are flare pants? (Meaning)
2. The unheard history of flare pants.
3. Difference between Men flare and women flare pants.
4. How to buy the best flare pants? (Things to remember before purchasing flare pants)
5. Types of flare pants?
6. Flare pants outfit ideas. (What to wear with flare pants?)
7. Latest trends in Flare pants.
8. Reasons to buy flare pants.
9. Where to buy flare pants?

Cargo pants meaning

1. What are flare pants? (Meaning)

Flare pants which are also known as Bootcut Flare or Bell Bottom pants are a unique style of trousers that features a wide and gradually expanding leg opening towards the down edge of the pant border. This design establishes a distinct flared or bell bottom shape which provides a classic fashionable and retro look.

Flare pant history

2. The Unheard History of Flare Pants.

We have to go back in time to know the origin of the flare pants. The first bootcut flare pants were worn by American and British sailors and the most amazing fact is that flare pants were not started as trendy clothes for fashion, the main reason behind wearing bellbottom pants by sailors was their safety.

Yes, you read it right, these fashionable bellbottom pants which you wear because of their unique style and unmatchable comfort were invented to save sailors' lives. During the 19th century, sailors mostly faced the issue of falling overboard, because the wide structure from the bottom of these pants made it easy to snag fallen sailors. Flare pant structure made it easier for sailors to remove the trousers in wet conditions and roll them up when working in muddy conditions.

Practicality was the reason behind the origin of the bootcut flare pants but it was not before they found themselves at the heart of the counterculture rebellion. The counter-culture rebellion always uses fashion as a medium for their expression. Just like printed t-shirt flare pants had a very influential effect on counterculture.

Flare pants become famous among young people in the USA during the 1960s because of the restyling of old military clothes as a symbol of antiwar emotion and peace. During mid 70s the flare pants fashion was adopted by the music and movie industry, and at that time youngsters got more attracted to flare fashion.

Men and women flare pant

3. Difference between Men flare and women flare pants.

As I told you earlier flare pants were not invented for fashion that's why it also not gender specific from the beginning. Flare pants have the same popularity among both men and women. That is why while the basic idea of flare pants for men and women remains consistent, nuances differentiate men's flare pants from women's flare pants.

Men's flare pants are generally known for their more relaxed fit, exuding a laid-back vibe. On the other side, women's flare pants are objectively designed to accentuate curves, which offers a perfect combination of femininity and comfort. Understanding these minor differences ensures you find the perfect pair that connects with your styles.

Flare pants purchasing tips

4. Things to remember before purchasing flare pants?

Going through the countless options while shopping for flare pants can be devastating. Fear not! Here are detailed pointers to ensure that your next purchase is nothing short of perfection:

4.1 Fabric Matters:

Start analyzing with fabric because fabric matters the most. Fabric can influence the overall look and comfort of pants. So always look for breathable fabric like Milano, Cotton, or denim. Consider a bit of stretch cause the stretchability deeply concerns the comfort of pants. As the biggest women's pants brand by the number of choices, At Mlada, we offer flare pants in Milano fabric which is known as the best fabric for comfort and quality.

4.2 Flare Size:

Achieving the perfect fit is crucial when it comes to flare pants. Give time to understand measurement specifically waist, hips, and inseam. You can study the Mlada Size Chart to get insight into your body measurement. Balance is key, avoid much wide flares unless you are aiming for a bold, retro statement. Ensuring a balance between a snug fit around the waist and the desired flare below the knee helps in both aspects Comfort and a stylish silhouette. At Mlada, Flare pants are available in 13 sizes (XS to 9XL).

4.3 Body shape:

In the world of fashion achieving perfect styling depends on many factors, Body shape is one of the important factors that must be considered while buying bootcut flare pants. Those individuals who are blessed with pear-shaped bodies must choose that flare that helps balance their proportions on the other hand those beings with hourglass figures can experiment with high-waisted flare pants to sharpen their waist. Mid-waist flare pants are best for all body shapes and guess what at Mlada our mid-waist bootcut flare pants are designed with keeping in mind all body shape needs.

4.4 Occasion-Based Considerations:

Occasion-based styling is trending all around the world instead of picking random clothing styles nowadays fashion enthusiasts prefer styling that complements individual looks according to occasion. The feature of diverse styles of flare pants makes it suitable for various occasions. Casual everyday flares may differ from those designed for formal or professional settings. Always consider the purpose of your styling so that you can choose flare pants that perfectly align with your lifestyle and the events you plan to attend.

4.5 Color Palette:

Neutral tones offer versatility, allowing for easy pairing with various tops.
Bold colors make a statement; choose according to your mood and occasion. The color compliments the character of the individual so selecting colors that resonate with your character also became important while buying bellbottom pants. Neutral tones like beige, black, white, and grey offer versatility which allows easy pairing with various tops. Bold colors like red, rust, purple, and teal are known for making a statement, choose according to your mood and occasion. At Mlada you have more than 23 popular colors available in flare pants. Our bootcut flare pants are available in White, Black, Beige, Coffeebean, Darkrose, Rust, Jamun, Mehendi, Lightgrey, Caramel, Lavender, Pearlblue, Grape, Wine, Teal, Lightpink, Navy, Olive, Londonforest, Charcoal, Lovelylavender, Tomatored, and Cairo

Flare pants types

5. Types of flare pants?

There are a lot of examples that prove In the ever-evolving world of fashion fashion can only survive if it adapts to the trend and demand and flare pants know this survival technique. After nearly 100 years of surviving flare pants have become versatile in many ways. Here is the list of flare pants that spread the legacy of flare pants all around the world.

5.1 Classic bell bottom:

Bell bottoms with their unique flare from the knee down, stands as a classic representation of 1970s fashion. These flares are known for their bold and attention-grabbing look. These pants got attention among youngsters because of famous music artists who performed on the stage while wearing flare pants during the 70s. These bellbottoms are known as cult classics of flare, the first choice of those seeking vintage-inspired styles that provoke the feeling of confidence and nostalgia.

5.2 Bootcut Flares:

Bootcut flare pants feature a subtler flare which makes them a versatile choice suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions. The gentle widening from the knee allows for a classic and timeless appearance that pairs well with various shoe styles which is why this style of flare is known as bootcut flare. Bootcut flare pants are famous among those individuals who prefer versatile styling. As I told you before bootcut flare pants can be worn on various occasions.

5.3 Wide leg flare:

Wide leg flares offer a more exaggerated silhouette with the flare beginning higher up the leg. This style provides a fashion-forward and contemporary look ideal for those who wish to make a bold statement with their fashion choices. This style of flare pants is widely known for its relaxed and comfortable fit.

5.4 Palazzo pants:

Palazzo flares combine the wide-leg elegance of palazzo pants with the distinctive flare of bell bottoms. This fusion results in a glamorous and flowing style, perfect for evening wear or occasions that demand a touch of sophistication and refinement.

Flare pants styling tips

6. Flare pants outfit ideas.

One thing you may already notice while reading this blog is that flare pants are versatile means you can wear them on many different occasions but the question arises how many occasions are in precise? So at this point, we will answer this question in detail.

6.1 Casual Chic:

For a seamless and chic everyday look pair your flare pants with a fitted t-shirt or a stylish blouse. Accessories are the elements that make the overall look more attractive and unique if you combine them with any kind of fashion, So keeping this in mind add accessories such as a wide-brimmed hat or statement sunglasses to elevate the overall ensemble. This casual-chic style is perfect for a day out or a relaxed gathering with friends.

6.2 Professional Attire:

You just read how you can easily get a casual chic look with flare pants but stop what if you are an independent professional women who need a confident and stylish look in her workplace no look further flare pants can fluently make the transition into a professional setting when paired with the right pieces. Opt for high-waisted flare pants paired with a tailored blouse or blazer for a polished and sophisticated look. Selecting neutral tones like white, beige, gray, navy, and black can enhance the overall professional aesthetic, and completing the look with classic heels adds a touch of elegance.

6.3 Evening Glam:

Now let's jump to the glamour world where all individuals make a statement with their unique style so how can you differ from them with your flare pants? The answer is simple consider a pair of luxurious fabrics. Pair them with a sleek top, statement jewelry, and high heels for head head-turning look that exudes sophistication and glamour. This ensemble is perfect for dinner parties, events, or nights.

6.4 Festival Vibes:

India is a country of festivals you can't ignore festivals if you live in India, just like that can't ignore flare pants during festive seasons because flare pants are staples in festival season, offering a bohemian and carefree vibe. Combine a bohemian-inspired pair of flare pants with a flowy top, fringe accessories, and comfortable boots for a stylish and laid-back festival look. This ensemble allows you to express your free-spirited style while staying comfortable during outdoor festivities.

Wait there is more! Remember when I said that "Flare pants are versatile" I mean that. You read how can you get a unique and stylish look according to different occasions now here are the ideas to get unique looks while combining flare with different accessories.

6.5 Crop Tops and Bell Sleeves:

Get the 70s vibe with a crop top and bell sleeves, creating a harmonious ensemble.

6.6 Fitted Blouses:

Tuck in a fitted blouse to balance the flare, creating a polished and put-together look.

6.7 Turtleneck Elegance:

Pairing flare pants with a turtleneck adds a touch of sophistication, perfect for the winter season.

6.8 Denim-ism:

For a unique casual cool look pair your flare pants with a denim jacket.

Latest trends in flare pants 2024

7. Latest Trends in Flare Pants 2024

Here is the list of latest trend in flare pants in 2024.

7.1 Contemporary Designs:

The fashion industry continuously innovates flare pants with contemporary designs that go beyond traditional styles. Look out for unique details such as asymmetrical flares, cutouts, or delicate that add a modern and avant-garde twist to this classic fashion staple. These contemporary designs allow fashion fashion enthusiasts to make a bold statement while staying on trend.

7.2 Innovative fabric choices:

Designers are pushing the boundaries of flare pants by experimenting with innovative fabrics. At Mlada, we use fabric known as Milano fabric which is also known as Milanese made by blending synthetic and natural fibers such as Polyester, Rayon, and Spandex. Polyester keeps pants durable and wrinkle-resistant. Rayon gives softness and breathability to the pants and Spandex gives the feature of elasticity and comfort.

Just like Milano fabric all around the world designers experimenting with very different materials like leather, suede, and metallic finishes are increasingly popular choices, adding a touch of luxury and uniqueness to flare fashion. Navigating new textures in fabric choices provides fashion enthusiasts with a broader range of options to express their styles.

7.3 Sustainable bell bottoms:

In response to the growing importance of sustainability, the fashion world is witnessing the rise of eco-friendly flare pants. Brands like Mlada adopt organic milano, and cotton, choosing recycled materials and ethical manufacturing practices to create flare pants that align with eco-conscious values. Wearing sustainable flare fashion allows individuals to make a fashion statement while contributing to environmental responsibility.

7.4 Fringed Hems:

The blend of flare pants and fringed hem creates a unique and attractive look. Depending on the specific design and detail these pants are affiliated with bohemian, free-spirited, or retro style. These pants are the first choice of individuals who are fans of eclectic and creative outfits.

7.5 Printed Flares:

Printed flare pants are the most evolved fashion choice among all. Prints on the flare pants add an extra element of uniqueness and personality to the outfits. The types of print can range from floral and geometric patterns to abstract designs or even bold, vibrant colors.

Bootcut flare pants advantages

8. Reasons to buy bootcut flare pants (Advantage)

I don't think there are any reasons to not try flare pants but as human beings most of the time we need logical reasons before doing any task that is why whenever we do shopping online or offline we take a look at the features then we get the answer of the question "Why should I buy this?". So here are some important advantages of flare pants:

8.1 Fashion Versatility:

Flare pants stand out as wardrobe essentials due to their unparalleled versatility in styling. These pants seamlessly transition from casual to formal setting, making them a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down according to the occasion.

8.2 Retro Appeal:

For those obsessed with retro aesthetics flare pants serve as a timeless piece that brings a touch of nostalgia to modern wardrobes. Embracing the retro appeal of flare pants allows individuals to connect with iconic fashion eras of the past while maintaining a contemporary and stylish presence.

8.3 Body Flattering:

The flare design of these pants can be inherently amazing which creates an elongated and balanced silhouette. Whether creating noticeable curves or adding a touch of drama to straighter figures flare pants suit diverse body types. At Mlada our flare pants are available in 13 sizes from XS to 9XL and size customers are equally satisfied as regular customers and they feel confident and stylish.

8.4 Expression of Personal Style:

Above all flare pants provide a canvas for individuals to express their style. From classic and refined to bold the wide array of flare options allows for creative self-expression.

India's biggest women pants brand with number of choices

9. Where to Buy Flare Pants?

Want to find the perfect pair of flare pants that easily blend style and comfort? Look no further - Mlada is your destination for the ultimate flare pants experience! Elevate your wardrobe with our flare collection which is available in 23 captivating colors and catering to 13 different sizes (ranging from XS to 9XL) Plus size is available on demand. Made from ultimate premium Milano fabric.

That's not it, there is more!

4-Way Stretch with 10% Lycra: Experience unparalleled freedom of movement with our innovative 4-way stretch fabric blended with 10% Lycra. Whether you're on the go or striking a pose, Mlada flare pants promise to move with you, providing comfort without sacrificing style.

Cotton for Unmatched Comfort: Comfort is the main objective while we stitch flare pants for you. Our commitment to uncompromising comfort is evident in the choice of the finest cotton for crafting our pants. Our pants are known for their softness and breathability which makes every day an opportunity to comfort in styles

No Pilling Ever: Bid farewell to the frustration of pilling fabric. Mlada flare pants feature special anti-pilling technology, ensuring that your pants maintain a pristine look and feel for years to come.

Mlada flare pants

Why Choose Mlada?

Discover the quality of style and comfort at Mlada. With a seamless blend of high-quality materials, trendy designs, and a commitment to ethical practice Mlada is the biggest woman pants brand by the number of choices.

Free Delivery: Enjoy the convenience of free delivery right to your doorstep, making your shopping experience with Mlada even more delightful.

No Cost COD: Embrace hassle-free transactions with our no-cost Cash On Delivery option. Shop with confidence, paying only when your flare pants reach your doorstep.

Easy Exchange: At Mlada, customer satisfaction is our priority. If your flare pants don't meet your expectations, we offer a hassle-free exchange process to ensure you find the perfect pair.

Join Us in Redefining Fashion with a Purpose!

At Mlada, we invite you to be part of a movement that redefines fashion with a purpose. Elevate your wardrobe with our timeless, fancy bottoms, crafted in-house with ethical practices. Make a statement with Mlada – where style meets comforts!

Frequently Asked Questions -

Question 1 - What are flare pants called now?

Answer - Flare pants are also called Bell bottoms. Bell Bottom is a classical name for flare pants which first time appeared during the 1960s during the rise of the counterculture movement.

Question 2 - What tops to wear with flare pants?

Answer - A crop top, Bell sleeves, Fitted blouse, Turtle neck, Sleek top, tailored blouse, blazer, and flowy tops are the best suits with flare pants. Always consider the occasion while selecting a top to pair with flare for example for a casual look you can combine your flare pants with a fitted t-shirt or stylish blouse, for an office look choose a tailored blouse and blazer, to get party ready try a sleek top with flare pants.

Question 3 - Which is wider flare or bootcut?

Answer - Flare pants are usually wider than bootcut pants.

Question 4 - What is the difference between bootcut and flare pants?

Answer - The key difference between bootcut flare and pants lies in the width of the leg opening. While both styles widen from the knee downward flare pants have more exaggerated and wider flare compared to bootcut flare pants.

Question 5 - Do flare pants suit curvy girls?

Answer - Yes flare pants can suit curvy girls as they create a balanced and consistent look by adding volume to the lower pants of the leg.

Question 6 - Who popularized flare pants?

Answer - Flare pants were popularized during the 1960s and 1970s mainly because of disco fashion and pop stars.

Question 7 - Are flare pants trendy?

Answer - Yes flare pants made a comeback after their peak during the 1970s to 1980s and they are considered trendy in certain style circles.

Question 8 - Are flare pants feminine?

Answer - Flare pants are quite often considered feminine as the wide leg creates a flowing and elegant silhouette.

Question 9 - Do flare pants suit big thighs?

Answer - Flare pants can be flattering for individuals with big thighs, as the wide leg can create a more balanced and elongated silhouette.

Question 10 - Do short people look good in flare pants?

Answer – Yes, short people can look good in flare pants. The elongated and flowy style of flare pants can visually lengthen the legs, providing a flattering look for individuals of shorter stature.