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About Us

Having an experience of 10 years in garment manufacturing, Mlada is our second brand after the success of

Established in 2023, Mlada was born out of a profound conviction: the clothes we wear should reflect not only our unique style but also our commitment to conscious, responsible choices. Our passionate team, based in Ludhiana, India, is inspired by nature's allure, the rhythm of the slow fashion movement, and the transformative power of sustainable practices.

Mlada specializes in bottom wear for women, creating an array of chic, comfortable, and consciously crafted pants, skirts, and shorts. We pour our heart into designing pieces that are timeless, adaptable, and enduring, championing slow fashion over fleeting trends.

Our Philosophy

Mlada stands for thoughtful living, prioritizing slow fashion and sustainability. Our brand is anchored in three essential principles: Ethical Production, Environmental Responsibility, and Timeless Style.

  1. Ethical Production: As a vertically integrated brand, every piece from Mlada is made in-house, ensuring full transparency and control over the working conditions of our team. This setup allows us to certify that every product is a result of fair trade practices, safe working environments, and adequate wages for our team members.

  2. Environmental Responsibility: We're committed to reducing our environmental footprint by using organic, recycled, or upcycled materials and minimizing waste during our production process. Our commitment to sustainability is ingrained in every layer of our business.

  3. Timeless Style: We aim to create lasting pieces that defy fleeting fashion trends. Our designs are intentionally timeless, allowing each piece to become a cherished staple in your wardrobe for years to come. We envision a world where you don't just love what you wear, but also feel good about where it comes from.

Our Process

As a vertically integrated company, Mlada manages every step of the production process, from design to delivery. Our creative team works meticulously on each design, and our skilled artisans bring these designs to life using sustainable materials and practices. Quality is checked at every stage, and the finished product is packaged with eco-friendly materials before making its way to you.

Our Commitment

Mlada is more than just a fashion brand. We are a community on a mission to transform the industry and make a lasting, positive impact. Every Mlada piece you choose to wear supports fair wages, reduces environmental impact, and promotes the slow and sustainable fashion movement. By choosing Mlada, you're contributing to a more ethical and sustainable world.

Join us on this journey, as we redefine style with sustainability at its core.


The Mlada Team